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Common Reasons Why a Car Won't Start

Last updated 6 years ago

A car’s failure to start can be the result of any number of mechanical problems. Oftentimes, if a car won’t start, then there is most likely an electrical malfunction. Let’s take a look at the most common three reasons why an engine won’t turnover.

Battery issues
A very common problem that prohibits an engine from starting is a dead battery. If you turn the key in the ignition and dashboard lights fail to illuminate, then chances are that the battery that provides power to the electric starter is dead. Using the battery of another car to give yours a jump start can often remedy this problem.

Similarly, when a car’s ignition is engaged and you hear a rapid clicking noise and the instrument gauges become dimly illuminated, a car’s battery is most likely out of charge. Again, jump starting the battery will fix the problem and get you back on the road.  Allow your car to run for at least thirty minutes after jump starting to make sure the battery recharges properly.

 Engine issues
Sometimes, an engine won’t turnover due to internal problems. If you hear the engine turnover, but it seems to run in an odd or arrhythmic pattern with little or no power, then there may be an issue with the timing belt. In addition, a vehicle with electronic fuel injection that isn’t running properly will have similar symptoms. These malfunctions make a car unsafe to drive.  Should this happen to you, call a tow truck and visit a repair shop.

 Starter issues
Though it is uncommon, an engine may not start due to an issue with the starter. If the engine turns on and revs, but shuts off as soon as the key is released from the “start” position, then a bad ignition switch is likely the cause of the problem. This is a rare, but easily fixable problem; a fresh ignition switch should solve everything.

If you’re having troubles starting your vehicle, then call the expert team at Greulich’s Automotive and Collision center. We can remedy whatever is preventing you from driving the car you love. Contact us at (480) 483-8186, or visit us online for more details


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