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Why Paying Close Attention to Your Vehicle's Tires and Brakes is Essential to Maintaining a Safe Vehicle

Last updated 6 years ago

Being able to stop quickly and completely is an essential attribute safety attribute that every car must maintain.  But, if tires and brakes aren’t checked on a frequent basis, then a car may be at risk for dangerous malfunctions. Let’s take a closer look at reasons why you should keep tires and brakes in good condition:

Stopping Distance
Without the proper brake pads and tires, a car will have trouble decelerating and coming to a halt effectively. While this is less of a problem in manual-transmission vehicles, automatic transmissions rely on braking and deceleration to dictate their gear ratios. If a car with an automatic transmission has trouble with brake-pads or tire tread, then it will take longer to bring the car to a stop, which can be dangerous, especially in fast-moving traffic.

Wheel Alignment
Keeping tires in working order is a concern of many drivers because of wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is the property of a car that keeps it traveling in a straight line when no steering input is received from a driver. If tires are in poor condition or unevenly worn, then the alignment of the vehicle will be impacted by a car’s consistently uneven distribution of impact. Wheel re-alignments are costly; keeping tires in great shape in an affordable way to avoid repairs.

Wet Conditions
One of the most important aspects of modern tires is their all-weather ability. Tires with worn treads won’t funnel moisture away from the road surface as effectively as those in good condition. When driving in wet weather, traction is always a concern, and with a worn out tire, traction is severely lessened. Keeping tires in good condition and replacing them when it is appropriate can prevent a dangerous situation.

At Greulich’s Automotive Service and Collision center, we can keep your car ready for the road. If you need service in the Phoenix Valley, then contact us at (480) 483-8186 or visit us online for more information. 


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