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Greulich’s Car Repair: Weather Proofed ?

Last updated 7 years ago

Greulich’s Car Repair Shop Things to Know

We came across this article a few months ago and it got us here at Greulich thinking. It so happens, the brutal heat waves suffered by many back in August kept many Auto Shops and Towing Companies very busy. Back in the first two weeks of August, cars lined up the streets overheating; the American Automobile Association said they hit a peak with the number of calls for towing service. More than 1,500 call’s in a day Complete Article.  When outside temperatures are 100 degrees, imagine your car’s engine operating anywhere between 130 to 160 degrees. Heat can be the worst enemy for the electronics in an automobile. This got us thinking, has this happened to you? Also what about winter, are you prepared for what winter has stored for us?

A Greulich Winter: Things to Consider:

A few friendly words of advice from your local Greulichs Automobile Repair Shop: This upcoming winter when the outside temperature drops, your car will need extra protection to run efficiently. Cold weather can be just as strenuous to cars and their engines as it is in the summer. So be ready, cold temperatures can impact you car or truck in a variety of ways:

  • Tire treads help hold the car onto the road. You want a good grip; worn tires can cause skidding on icy or wet roads.
  • In cold climate, your fuel efficiency may decrease and the air in your tires contracts, potentially becoming under inflated. This may cause abnormal wear on the sides of the tire and also increase the rolling resistance.
  • Coolant is very important; the water in your radiator and engine block can freeze causing your engine block to crack.
  • Cold temperatures can make your engine oil sluggish, hurting its lubrication function.
  • Not warming up your engine and speeding up can cause your vehicles main and journal bearings to fail. It also means more frictional resistance, sluggish pick up, and less mileage for each gallon of gas burnt.
  • Be careful when accelerating, freezing cold air coming into your vehicles combustion chamber can cause thermal shocks.
  • During cold weather the chemical reaction inside your vehicles battery is reduced and sometimes the electrolytes can freeze as well; causing you battery to die.

More Auto Tips

Stay tune for our follow up: "Greulich’s Automobile Winter Precautions"


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