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What's that Stain in Your Parking Spot?

Last updated 6 years ago


Vehicle fluid leaks will almost always progress to more serious problems. Routine maintenance and a quick response to any issues will allow drivers to avoid debilitating damage and pricey automotive repairs.

  • Engine Oil: This fluid is an integral part of your vehicle’s healthy operation. Metallic engine parts build up a large amount of friction as they propel your vehicle forward. A sufficient amount of engine oil ensures these parts remain properly lubricated. Engine oil is thick and light brown when it is new, but leaks often occur after the oil has had time to collect contaminants. An oil stain on your driveway will generally be black or dark brown.
  • Gasoline: A puddle of clear, thin liquid beneath your vehicle likely indicates a cracked gas tank. A gas leak may make itself known by its distinctive smell prior to visual recognition. Thankfully, gas leaks won’t contribute to debilitating car damage. However, drivers should address a gas leak quickly in order to avoid compromised fuel economy.
  • Brake Fluid: This fluid is very light in color, and can be identified by its thin consistency and very slick texture. This fluid is extremely important for the successful operation of your brakes. Bring your vehicle in immediately if you suspect a break issue is threatening car performance. Ignored brake fluid leaks could have severe consequences for drivers and their vehicles.
  • Coolant: The neon green and other bright shades characteristic of antifreeze makes it extremely easy to notice. Like engine oil, this integral fluid prevents your vehicle from becoming overheated. Unfortunately, an engine without coolant can easily break down beyond repair. Maintain coolant levels and solve leaks quickly to avoid overheating.

Greulich's Automotive Service & Collision can address any fluid leak problem with reliable auto repairs and affordable services. We even offer roadside towing. Contact our automotive experts at (480) 483-8186 for more tips on keeping your car in shape.


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