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How to Know When it’s Time to Get Your Wheels Aligned

Last updated 7 years ago

Having a vehicle is a wonderful thing. It gets you where you need to go, gives you the ability to see friends and family who live far from you, and makes getting groceries a whole lot simpler.

But many of us take our car’s ability to run smoothly for granted. If you don’t give your vehicle the attention it needs on a routine basis, you can be faced with troubles that will land you in an automotive repair shop for an emergency service.

One way to take extra care with your car is to make sure you’re getting your wheels aligned properly and on time. Aren’t familiar with the process of wheel alignment? Look over our basic guide to getting your wheels aligned to keep your car in tip-top shape.

  • Wheel alignment deals with adjusting the angle of your vehicle’s wheels so that they are one hundred percent perpendicular to the ground and completely parallel to one another.
    • When your car first comes off of the lot, the wheel alignment should be perfect, but the natural wear on the tires from use on the road will inevitably cause the front wheels of your car to stray from their alignment.

There are two basic signs to look for to know if you need a wheel alignment:

  1. A basic check for tire alignment can be done using a tool no more complicated than your own two eyes. Look at your car from the front end, facing the front wheels. Inspect the wheels for uneven wear.
    • If there are signs of rapid deterioration, your vehicle should be taken into the auto repair shop immediately for tire alignment.
    • Waiting to take it to the auto repair shop could result in permanent damage that will require you to get new tires.
  2. Another sign that your tires could be out of line is a pulling you may feel when driving. Tires that are out of line may cause your vehicle to drift slightly to the left or right when you remove your hands from the wheel.

If your car exhibits either of these signs, be sure to take it in to have the alignment checked. For all of your automotive repair needs, come to Greulich’s Automotive Service and Collision center. Whether you simply need your tires rotated, or you need body work done after an accident, the professionals at Greulich’s Automotive will be there to get the job done right.



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