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Consequences of Neglecting Automotive Fluid Changes

Last updated 5 years ago

Taking your car to the auto repair shop for regular oil and fluid changes is a critical part of keeping your car in good shape. The many fluids in a car become used and dirty over time, and letting them get too low or too old can result in major damage to your vehicle. Here are some of the consequences of ignoring the fluids in your car:

Damage To Your Engine

Oil plays an important role in keeping your engine lubricated and clean so that all of the parts can move smoothly. As you drive your car, oil begins to gradually absorb dust and dirt, and it also begins to break down from exposure to heat. If you don’t go to an auto repair shop to get oil changes at scheduled intervals, it will eventually turn into sludge, and can ultimately kill your engine.

Brake Failure

Brake fluid is a very important automotive fluid that is often neglected. Brake fluid can become contaminated by water over time, which can become overheated and cause the brakes to malfunction.

Shortened Vehicle Life

Transmission fluid and oil both help to keep your car running smoothly. Transmission fluid becomes oxidized with age, making it less and less effective. This puts extra wear on your transmission and can shorten its life. Neglecting fluids can lead to many problems with your car, and you’ll probably be making constant trips to the auto repair shop in the future. 

Difficulty Driving

Some fluids, like power steering fluid, directly influence how your car feels when you drive it. If there is a leak or some kind of mechanical problem, you may need to have the parts repaired and your steering fluid refilled.

To keep your car safe and in good shape, bring it by Greulichs Automotive Service & Collision automotive repair shop. We will inspect all the fluids, flush old fluids out and refill it with fresh to keep everything running smoothly and safely. For more information on our auto repair and auto body services, visit us online, or give us a call today at (480) 389-2358.


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