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Maintaining Your Car's Fuel Injection System

Last updated 5 years ago

Your car’s fuel injection system is responsible for mixing fuel with air in the combustion chamber. Over time, your car’s fuel injection system can begin to operate less efficiently. This is primarily due to a deposit buildup that reduces the system’s ability to provide an adequate amount of fuel for the combustion process. Often, this manifests as hesitation, trouble starting your car, poor gas mileage, or overall sluggishness. Here are some auto-repair tips for maintaining your car’s fuel injection system.

Fuel Injection System Cleaning

The most basic auto repair procedure for your fuel injection system is regular cleaning. The heat generated by the injection process can lead to the buildup of carbon deposits on your car’s fuel injection system. This deposit buildup can make it more difficult for your injection system to provide fuel for combustion. Regular cleaning will help ensure that your fuel injection system remains clean and effective.

Throttle Body Cleaning

The fuel-injection system is actually much larger than the fuel injection mechanism itself. Before the fuel enters the fuel injection system, it has to pass through a variety of filters and rails. If the throttle body portion of your engine is not functioning well, a clean fuel injection system will only help so much. Often, a dirty throttle body manifests as a rough idle, stumbling acceleration or even stalling. Like your fuel injection system, your throttle body can accumulate dirt, carbon deposits, and other grime, making it less effective over time.

If your car is not working as well as it should, a dirty fuel injection system might be the culprit. Your fuel injection system is a critical component of your car’s engine. By providing fuel to the combustion process, it is in fact critical to the proper operation of your car. When your fuel injection system is working at less than optimum efficiency, your car’s performance and fuel efficiency will suffer. To learn more about how to maintain your car’s fuel injection system, call Greulich’s Automotive Service & Collision at (480) 389-2358.


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