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Who's at Fault in These Common Car Accident Situations?

Last updated 5 years ago

Getting into an auto collision can be a traumatic and financially strenuous experience. However, if you’re not at fault, you will be able to get a proper insurance settlement to help you cover the costs. Determining who was at fault during an accident is critical, and for this reason it is important to collect the necessary evidence at the scene of the accident itself. Here are some common car accident situations that can help illustrate the concept of fault.

Side-On Collision at an Intersection

One of the most common automobile accidents involves side-on collisions at an intersection. For example, if you have an intersection and there is only a stop sign in one direction, the cars moving in that direction have a clear responsibility. They have to stop at the stop sign and wait for traffic to pass before they proceed. Even if there is no traffic visible, they still have to come to a complete stop. If you are driving in the direction without a stop sign and another driver hits the side of your car, the fault is clearly theirs. When determining fault, one of the first factors that is considered is negligence. If a driver fails to adhere to traffic laws and stop at the stop sign, this is a case of negligence and they can be held responsible for the accident.

Lane Change Collision

Changing lanes requires patience and due diligence. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves rushing to change lanes in order to make the next turn. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous decision that can lead to automobile collisions, especially if you don’t signal properly. For example, if you are driving and a car from the adjacent lane suddenly switches into your lane, leading to an accident, chances are that they are at fault. When changing lanes, it is your responsibility to signal and ensure that there is a sufficient amount of distance between your car and any other vehicles in the lane you wish to enter.

The accidents described above are just a small sample of the kinds of accidents that occur on the roads. If you are in a car accident you should always make sure to document everything on site, regardless of whether the other driver’s fault is obvious. This involves calling the police, collecting insurance information and witness contacts, and taking photographs if possible. To learn more about the idea of fault in automobile collisions, call Greulich’s Automotive Service & Collision at (480) 389-2358.


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