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Your Guide to Essential Automotive Repair Terminology: Part 1

Last updated 5 years ago

The more you know about your car, the better equipped you will be to solve your car problems. Read this article for some useful auto repair terminology.


This component of your auto generates the electricity that is used to run the electronic equipment and start the car. It’s probably time to repair or replace your car’s alternator if your battery dies frequently or if your car is unable to start even after your other components are working.


Although your auto battery’s charge can be tested, this is not always a foolproof way to determine if it’s time to replace your battery. Instead, rely on how many years you’ve owned your battery. If the warranty is about to expire, replace it; otherwise, you could end up with a dead battery at the worst time.


Your car’s brakes need to be maintained regularly if you want save money while ensuring optimal stopping power and safety. If your brakes are making unusual sounds or losing their effectiveness, stop by the auto repair shop to make sure that the shoes, pads, fluids, and lining are in good shape.

Catalytic Converter

Modern cars come with catalytic converters, which reduce emissions by consuming unburned gasoline in the tailpipe. If your auto fails its emissions test, you may have to replace your catalytic convertor or get it repaired.


The clutch changes your car’s gears and transferring power from the engine to the transmission. Clutches wear out over time and will probably need to be replaced at least once during your car’s lifetime.

Air, Fuel, and Oil Filters

Under the hood of your car, you will find a variety of filters that remove impurities before they can reach your car’s engine. Dirty or clogged filters will inhibit the performance of your car and may even negatively affect your fuel economy. To ensure the best from your automobile, replace these filters routinely; it’s not expensive and takes only a few minutes.

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