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Transmission problems lately? in need of a car repair?

Last updated 7 years ago

Common Cause of Transmission Problems

The transmission is an integral part of your vehicle.  Whether you drive a manual or automatic, your car won’t be running well if your transmission isn’t.  A car repair can be expensive, so it’s good to catch problems early and get them serviced at an auto repair shop before they get worse.

Being aware of common causes of transmission problems is important as it can save you from breaking down in the middle of the road and suffering costly repairs. 

Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Sufficient transmission fluid is necessary for a healthy transmission.  Low levels often cause gear slippage and overall poor performance.  Be sure you or your auto service technician is periodically checking your transmission fluid level.
  • A dirty transmission fluid filter can also cause gear slippage and sluggish shifting.  Be sure to have it replaced periodically.
  • Transmission bands link transmission gear sets together.  Over time they can get worn out and need to be replaced.  If they go untreated and never get replaced, gear function can be negatively impacted and serious transmission problems can result.
  • Transmission gears also get worn down.  The gears provide the basic overall function of the transmission.  If worn excessively without replacement, the gears won’t link or mesh properly, which also results in serious transmission problems.
  • Another common problem is a faulty torque converter.  The torque converter pressurizes the transmission fluid.  If it’s not functioning properly, the transmission fluid will not be pressurized and this impedes transmission function. 

A car transmission is not a part of your vehicle that should be ignored.  Be sure it’s being checked on regularly, either by your or your auto service technician.  Take your car in immediately if you ever notice anything like your clutch slipping or if a gear does not engage right away when you release the clutch. 

At Greulich’s Automotive Service and Collision we can make sure your transmission is running at peak performance.  Nobody likes a car to break down on them unexpectedly, so be sure and have your transmission serviced periodically per manufacturer's recommendations.


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