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Inside Your Vehicle's Ignition System and Common Ignition Problems

Last updated 5 years ago

Your vehicle’s ignition system produces the spark that ignites the mixture of fuel and air in your vehicle. Without this reaction, your engine would not receive power. But a number of problems can prevent this spark from occurring or being received properly by the plugs. Keep reading for an overview of your vehicle’s ignition system, the problems that it can encounter, and how your local auto repair shop can maintain it properly.

How Your Vehicle Ignition System Works

  • To produce the spark, your vehicle’s on-board computer must send power from the battery to the spark plug at just the right moment. In order to deliver maximum power to the engine, the spark plugs must ignite right before the piston hits the top of its stroke. Doing it this way ensures the actual ignition will occur when the temperature and pressure are at their highest levels.

Diagnosing Your Vehicle’s Ignition System

  • If your vehicle suddenly stops running but the engine was working perfectly beforehand, the problem is probably related to the alternator, not the battery or starter. If, on the other hand, your engine sputters and isn’t running smoothly before it dies, you could have a spark plug problem.

Caring For Your Vehicle’s Ignition System

  • In order to reduce the chances of ignition system failure down the road, go to a car repair shop to get your vehicle’s spark plugs checked every 10,000 miles. Some spark plugs should be replaced every 30,000 miles, while others can last upwards of 100,000 miles. You should also get your vehicle’s air, fuel, and oil filters replaced according to factory recommendations, which will be roughly every 5,000 miles.

Come to Greulich’s Automotive Service & Collision for all of your vehicle’s ignition system service needs. Visit our website to learn more about our automotive repair and maintenance services, and call us at (480) 389-2358 to find the Gruelich’s location nearest you.


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